DNPA’s Code of Conduct for is a dedicated digital platform committed to delivering accurate, reliable, and ethical news and information to our readers in India. As responsible digital publishers, we uphold the highest standards of journalism and transparency, adhering to the Digital News Publishers Association’s (DNPA) Code of Conduct.

Principles and Guidelines:

  1. Accuracy and Credibility:
  • We are dedicated to providing our readers with accurate and credible information.
  • Our news articles and content undergo rigorous fact-checking and verification from trustworthy sources.
  1. Fairness and Impartiality:
  • We report news and information in a fair and impartial manner, upholding journalistic integrity.
  • Our coverage is free from bias or undue influence, and we present diverse viewpoints.
  1. Transparency and Corrections:
  • Transparency is a cornerstone of our commitment. We promptly correct any errors or inaccuracies and clearly acknowledge them.
  • Our readers can trust us to rectify and learn from our mistakes.
  1. Privacy and Data Protection:
  • We respect the privacy of our readers. Our data handling practices adhere to applicable data protection regulations.
  • Personal information is safeguarded, and we do not misuse or share it without proper consent.
  1. Ethical Advertising:
  • While we accept advertising and sponsored content, we maintain a clear distinction between editorial and advertising content.
  • Our editorial independence remains uncompromised.
  1. Respect for Copyright and Intellectual Property:
  • We uphold copyright laws and intellectual property rights. Proper attribution and permissions are sought when necessary.
  • We respect the work of others and ensure it is acknowledged appropriately.
  1. Accountability:
  • We value feedback from our readers and the wider community. Your concerns are important to us.
  • Our editorial team is accountable for the content we publish, and we are responsive to your inquiries.

Contact Us:
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Conclusion: is dedicated to providing valuable, reliable, and trustworthy content to our readers. By aligning with the DNPA’s Code of Conduct, we aspire to uphold the highest standards of journalism and ethical digital publishing. We appreciate your trust in our platform and look forward to serving you with excellence.